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The Bristol Lectures on Religious Themes - 1998 to date.

Recorded at All Saints Church, Clifton, Bristol, England.

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ALL CDs are eighty minutes in duration and include a questions and answers session with the
   audience after the main lecture which lasts approx one hour.  
ALL of the recordings are of broadcast quality.
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Dr. Rowan Williams 

Revd. Andrew Burnham  

Rt. Revd. Lindsay Urwin 

Fr. Henry Wansbrough  




God the Holy Spirit

Dr. Rowan Williams


God the Son  
(Unfortunately the lecture 'God the Father' was never recorded

Dr. Rowan Williams


The Spiritual Writings of Meister Eckhart

Dr. Rowan Williams


The Spiritual Writings of St. Teresa of Avila

Dr. Rowan Williams


The Spiritual Writings of St. John of the Cross

Dr. Rowan Williams


Atonement One.

Dr. Rowan Williams


Atonement Two.

Dr. Rowan Williams


Sacramental Theology 1. 
Christian Initiation

Revd. Andrew Burnham


Sacramental Theology 2. 
The Eucharist

Bro. Angelo SSF


Sacramental Theology 3. Penance

Rt. Revd. Lindsay Urwin. OGS. Bishop of Horsham.


Pastoral Theology 1. The Parish

Rt. Revd. Andrew Burnham, Bishop of Ebsfleet


Pastoral Theology 2.
St. Augustine of Hippo

Father Edward Downer, Vice Principal of St. Stephens House, Oxford, England


Pastoral Theology 3. 
Pastoral Challenges

Rt. Revd. Andrew Burnham, Bishop of Ebsfleet


Deliver us from Evil

Rt. Revd. Dominic Walker


The Ministry of Healing.

Rt. Revd. Dominic Walker OGS (Orator of the Good Shepherd) Bishop of Monmouth


Bishop Edward King. Bishop of Lincoln from 1885 to 1910.

The Reverend Dr. John Newton is a writer, Past President of the Methodist Conference and a contributor to BBC Radio Four's 'Thought for the day'. Originally from Lincoln, Dr. Newton is a leading authority on Edward King.


Can the Bible be used for Moral Guidance?

Fr. Henry Wansbrough, Editor of the New Jerusalem Bible.                                           


Exploring the Temple Roots of the Eucharist.

The Bread.

Margaret Barker


Exploring the Temple Roots of the Eucharist.

The Wine.

Margaret Barker

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Dr Rowan Williams,Revd Andrew Burnham,Rt Revd Lindsay Urwin,Fr Henry Wansbrough


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